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Review of Tell Me More Italian


Tell Me More Italian reviewTell Me More Italian (2 Levels) is available on DVD for $229.00, without a less expensive download option. (You can also opt for Tell Me More Italian 5 Levels, Tell Me More Italian 10 Levels, and Tell Me More Online Language School, for a considerably higher cost.)

The keystone of Tell Me More Italian is a speech recognition feature that allows the student to pronounce Italian words into the free microphone provided with the software purchase, and listen in privacy with the free headset. It provides thousands of exercises to help you perfect your Italian skills Like Rocket Italian, Tell Me More Italian offers a learner’s forum where students wishing to learn Italian fast can hone their new skills with native speakers.

So why is Tell Me More NOT as good as Rocket Italian for beginners? Tell Me More’s dictionary is inadequate at best, leaving students with no way to look up unfamiliar words. The speech recognition feature is sometimes too sensitive – if your accent is really bad, the software may not be able to understand what you’re trying to say. And although the philosophy behind the program is excellent, the actual format can be difficult for those who have no prior experience with a Romance language. For this reason, Tell Me More Italian (2 Levels) comes in at 83% at our Learn Italian software rankings.

If you are looking for a fun way to learn Italian, you’ll be better off joining Rocket Italian.

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