How Good is Rocket Italian Really?

Planning a trip to Italy? Then you need a way to learn Italian easily and fast – and you don’t want to spend your spare time in a boring classroom. Why not try Rocket Italian? Available online and via CD, the Rocket system is the best way to learn Italian – because its interactive format works with any learning style!

Today’s educators realize that some people learn better through reading, some through listening, and some through doing. Most people have a combination of all three learning styles. Unfortunately, most language-learning software emphasizes oral repetition under the assumption that listening and repeating sounds is the best way to learn a new language. It definitely is the best way to learn pronunciation, but for visual learners – people who learn best by reading – listening is not the best way to build vocabulary or grammar. And for people who need some kind of interactive activity, neither listening OR reading alone will lock the new language in their minds. Rocket Italian features audio tracks, written transcripts, and even video games to maximize learning for everyone!

Rocket Italian is pretty inclusive, but there will still definitely be situations in which you’ll need personalized help. For this, the program’s developers offer an exclusive learner’s forum staffed by native speakers and professional teachers of Italian. You’re never out on a limb, because there will always be someone available to help you – and they mean always. As incredible as this sounds, the 24/7 learner’s forum is open to you indefinitely — not just for the duration of the time you’re taking the course. What a wonderful gift!

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Rocket Languages Italian

Rocket Italian review by Gerrit du Plessis
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One feature often missing in online and CD-based language programs is a vehicle for testing one’s own progress. When you first begin to study Italian, the idea of being tested by strangers may make you insecure, but you’d still like some sense of how well you’re doing so you can confidently move on to the next level. Fortunately, Rocket Italian features a self-testing feature so you can measure your own expertise. Click here to learn how you’ll benefit using this Rocket Italian feature.


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Is Rocket Italian Premium any good? Will it really teach you to speak Italian fast? Click here and read our review of Rocket Italian and discover if it's worth your time and money...
Rocket Italian review
Date Published: 01/08/2014
Rocket Italian Premium
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