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Learn how to talk about the weather in Italian!

So you’ve made some Italian friends in Lesson 1 and socialized with the locals in Lesson 2. But what do you talk about when you have nothing to say at all? Just as in English, Italian people talk about the weather! In this lesson, you’ll learn how to start a weather-based conversation, and how to reply when someone begins an idle conversation with you. Don’t skip this lesson — after all, it might come in handy when you have absolutely nothing to say.

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Lesson 8: Italian Weather Phrases

play How’s the weather?
Com’è il tempo?
play The weather is terrible!
Il tempo è brutto!
play The weather is nice.
C’è bel tempo.
play It’s raining.
Sta piovendo.
play It’s cold.
Fa freddo.
play It’s windy.
C’è vento.
play It’s very hot.
E’ molto caldo.
play It’s very sunny.
C’è molto sole.

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