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Get Ready for Some Shopping – in Italian!

When you walk through the streets of Rome, you are going to buy some stuff. Speaking Italian with the merchants is a great way to start a conversation. By studying this short lesson, you might even get a better deal on your next Italian purchase.

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Lesson 7: Italian Shopping Phrases

play Can you tell me …?
Può dirmi …?
play What’s that?
Che cos’è?
play How much?
play How much does it cost?
Quanto costa?
play That’s too expensive.
È troppo caro.
play I don’t want it.
Non lo voglio.
play OK, I’ll take it.
Va bene, la prendo.
play I don’t like it.
Non mi piaci.
play Do you accept credit cards?
Accettate carte di credito?
play Where can I get money changed?
Dove posso cambiare del denaro?
play Can you change a traveler’s check for me?
Potete cambiarmi questi Travel Check?
play Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)?
Dove posso trovare un Bancomat?
play I am tired.
Sono stanco. (male) Sono stanca. (female)
play I need a break.
Ho bisogno di riposarmi.

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